The LG G4. The new Flagship device that challenges the phone market to do better. But with such a stellar flagship device, comes problems, and the LG G4 has only one. There are too many accessories and gadgets to buy for it! But don’t worry, because we here at GadgetGuruHD have put together the perfect starter pack for your device to be the only device you will ever want, lacking nothing.

Now the first thing on everyone’s list for their new smartphone is to buy a new case. And we’ve already compiled a Top 5 list and a Top 5 Flip Case list for the G4, but 10 options is still a giant list, and there is room for error when buying the perfect case for your device. So, the case to put your best bet on, would be the Verus Slim Fit Case.

It’s slim, so it doesn’t add too much bulk. It looks stylish. It protects. So where can you go wrong? Buy it today on Amazon.

You’ll also want to protect that gorgeous 5.5″ display, so go ahead and buy a screen protector. The best choice would be the Klear Cut KlearGlass Screen Protector for the LG G4. 71qWvF3IyCL._SL1000_


It not only protects from those annoying scratches, but it has a lifetime warranty, so there’s no way you could go wrong in making this purchase. So buy yours today on Amazon.

Now the next essential product to buy is essential for any phone/device you might have, and that is charging wires. The best wires to buy are CIKOO Braided Nylon wires, due to the fact that they are extremely durable, and work.

These wires are extremely helpful, and you can never go wrong when buying extra wires to charge your device. Their unique design also helps, making them easy to find and use. Buy them on Amazon today.

Now the LG G4 is being sold on a promotion that if you buy one before June 30th, they’ll throw in a microUSB, but you can never go wrong with buying extra space to use on your phone. Check out the SanDisk Extreme Micro SDHC card.

So there you have it. All the essentials you need to have to keep your phone in the same condition you bought it in. But if you haven’t already bought the phone and want to know more, please check out our review of it here.

And if you haven’t already, buy the Lg G4 On Amazon Today:

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