So you just bought a Galaxy S6. Or you’re going to buy one. Now what? You have a top-of-the-line smartphone and don’t know what to buy out of the endless amount of gadgets and accessories for your precious new device. Well don’t worry, because that’s what we here at GadgetGuruHD are here for. We’ve compiled an ultimate starter pack for the Galaxy S6 so that you can get the best out of the coming years, without any regretful purchases.

Now the first thing you’ll want to buy for your Galaxy S6 is a case. There are thousands of cases to choose from, and we’ve already made a Top 5 List for Galaxy S6 cases, but even 5 is too many options. So the ultimate case to buy for your Galaxy S6 is:

The Spigen Slim Armor Case

For under $20, this is the best looking and most protective case you could buy to protect your Galaxy S6. This case adds just a little amount of bulk to the S6, but not an annoying amount, so it is worth the money for the protection it has to offer. Buy yours on Amazon today for $16.77.

Chances are, you’ve ran out of space on your past smartphone or you’ve heard about people running out of space, and you don’t want that to happen again. But Samsung’s memory options are way too expensive. So, an easy, cheap, and essential upgrade for your Galaxy S6 would be:

The SanDisk Extreme Micro SDHC card

For $20, you’ll get the fastest read/write speeds available in the market today, and add an extra 32gb to your Galaxy S6’s storage. Buy yours on Amazon today.

Now the next ting on this list is a must for anyone with a smartphone. An external charger pack. A charger pack is very helpful in these times, where people run around all the time and forget to charge their most valuable possession, their smartphone. So the best charger pack you could buy is:

The Satechi Aluminum External Power Pack

Available in 3 options, 5000 mAh, 10000mAh, and 20000mAh, this charger pack is perfect. It has a clear display to tell how much battery is left, and it is extremely portable. This charger pack is offered with 3 USB ports, giving access to other devices of your own, or to share the love with others.  The 10000 mAh version is the best pick, giving the opportunity to charge the Galaxy S6 fully up to 4 times. Now this option is a bit more expensive than the AIBOCN Power Pack, but the Satechi Power Pack is your best bet with its premium build. Buy yours on Amazon today.

The last and final thing to get for your brand new Galaxy S6 is very important. It is actually the opposite, but still related to the last essential item. The next, and final piece to maximize your Galaxy S6 ownership is:

The Yootech Qi Charging Pad

This charging pad is half the price of the OEM Samsung Charging Pad, and works just as well. Wireless charging for your Galaxy S6 is extremely efficient, without the haggle of having to tether your phone to a wall. Buy yours on Amazon today. And if your don’t trust wireless charging, buy extra wires here.

So there you have it, all the essentials to keep your Galaxy S6 running for the years to come. Buy these items and your phone-owning experience will be maximized.

And if you haven’t already, buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 on Amazon today:

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