These days, finding a good wireless mouse for under $30 dollars with a good build and functional, usable, everyday features is hard to find. But a mouse that fits all those requirements, including the price, AND it’s a gaming mouse, is the Satechi Edge. The Satechi Edge is a wireless gaming mouse that fits the criteria for someone looking for a functional, high performance gaming mouse.

The Satechi edge, to begin with, comes in decent packaging. For its price, the packaging itself made the product feel premium, and made it worth the money. In the box you find the Edge, a manual, the nano receiver, and a pair of AA batteries, a nice touch.

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Even though at first impression it feels as if the intriguing boxing is all just a cover-up for a terrible device, don’t let that deter you, because it’s not. The build quality of the Satechi Edge is amazing . It feels premium, decently weighted with the batteries in, and all the buttons are firm. The soft rubberized material on the left side where the thumb rests feels premium and helps with grip, and the mouse is a good size for someone with normal and larger sized hands.

But it doesn’t just look pretty, it works. The Satechi Edge operates at speeds, which each have a unique color, from 800-4000 DPI. These speeds have been more than enough, for me, an average gamer, and I believe will be enough for the hardcore gamer as well. But what this mouse has that others do not is functionality. There is a grand total of 7 buttons on this mouse. That’s it. But that’s all I found I really needed. Sure wanting profile buttons is nice, but the preset profiles have been tuned to perform wonderfully. The left side of the mouse sports forward and reverse buttons, which help when in the “musical note” setting (switched by a switch below) to change songs with a click, and in web browsing, to go forward and back on a web page.


Another button, which I found surprisingly helpful in everyday use, is the cheesily dubbed “turbo” button. In the top left corner of the Satechi edge is the turbo button, which double clicks automatically for you. It may seem like a useless button, which makes the user feel lazy, but it is extremely functional. For example, when opening folders, I use the turbo button now which opens them in a simple click, whereas before, it’d have to be an annoying double-click. It seems lazy, but trust me, it is helpful.

Coming in at $24.99 on Amazon, the Satechi Edge is a steal. All the buttons are functional, it’s a great looking device, it comes in a premium package, and it’s wireless. So what’s not to love? Buy yours on Amazon today.

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