The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is one of our favorite tablets of 2014 and there’s no doubting any owner will want to protect it.  Once you’ve used the gorgeous 2560×1600 display it’s impossible to use a shattered, destroyed screen.  So today we’ll be showing off our personal favorite cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 .


1. Poetic Slimline Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

poetic slimline






I’ll be honest, I haven’t used the Poetic Slimline case for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 yet, but I have used it for the iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina, Nexus 7 2013, and Nexus 7 2012.  Every year the case gets better and better with a slimmer design, better magnets, and of course smart cover functionality.  The case is set for release on March 31st and is at a lower discounted price.  I already have mine on pre order and will be doing a review soon after release.  

Despite not having the actual product in hand, I’ll give a basic overview to save you the time of skimming through the Amazon page.  Essentially the slimline is an Apple Smart Cover plus a slim back cover.  It delivers the same functionality as the smart cover through the ability to operate the tablet in movie view angles and typing angles, while still offering protection to the back of the device.  The Poetic Slimline is available for order in nine colors ranging from a standard black to navy blue.  The Slimline is the go to case I refer just about everyone to when they ask the best case for a given product.


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2. Fosmon DURA-FRO Ultra Slim Fit Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

fosman galaxy tab pro 8.4







The Fosmon Dura-FRO slim case for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is a real nice minimalistic accessory that will keep your Galaxy Tab looking both stylish and protected.  The case is made of a super light rubbery TPU material that won’t scratch the tablet when taking it off and on.  This case won’t prop the tablet up into a gazillion different positions and won’t protect the device from a thirty foot drop, but it’s not meant to.

The point of the Fosmon DURA-FRO is to give basic protection for an extremely low price.  Honestly, you can’t find anything better than this at under $5.  So for those that are on a tight budget or just want some basic protection, this is the case for you.


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3. Exact Buckler Slim Fit Multi Angle Case for Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4







The Exact Buckler Folio case for the Galaxy TabPro is a pretty standard case that has been renamed under a ton of different brand names, but still presents a tremendous amount of value and functionality.  The Slim Fit Multi Angle case is made of a soft microfiber pleather that has definitely held up well to dirt and grime.  The case has access to all ports so putting in headphone jacks and chargers shouldn’t be a problem.


The case is available in several colors and at the moment can be purchased for under $10 which is a pretty good steal in my opinion.  Some of the main features of the case are that it can be used in multiple different angles, hence the name “slim fit multi angle”.  There are actually a couple of different notches or slots where the bottom of the Galaxy TabPro 8.4 can be placed for different movie viewing angles.


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Overall, any one of these three cases could be a great option for you Tab Pro 8.4.  If anyone has any other of the best Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 cases, please let me know and I’ll check them out.

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