We all know how ultra powerful Samsung’s new Note Pro is, but we also know it takes a lot of dough to purchase the actual device.  That’s why we’ve put together the best Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Cases that will not only make the Note Pro even better, but also more secure.


1. IVSO Slim Smart Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

ivso case for samsung galaxy note pro 12.2

The IVSO case for the Note Pro is definitely a solid option for those that don’t mind giving up a tad bit of protection for a ton of functionality.  The IVSO Slim Smart Cover is actually quite similar to the Poetic Slimline, which is my favorite accessory of all time.  It’s a one piece case but it essentially has two parts : the hardshell back and flap the covers the screen and stands up the Note Pro 12.2.

I’m especially a huge fan of this design because it’s very minimalistic and is very much like the Apple Smart Case.  Also, one thing this specific Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 accessory does that many others don’t is enable the auto wake sleep functionality.  It something most people really don’t realize they’re missing out on.  As far as colors go, it’s available in four different ones, but with the low price you could purchase a couple and it still wouldn’t add up to much.

Buy In USA – http://amzn.to/1g1KPLG

Buy In UK – http://amzn.to/1km9ul7


2. Poetic Slimline Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

poetic slimline case for notepro 12.2

The Poetic Slimline Portfolio for the NotePro 12.2 is without a doubt my favorite case of all time.  The IVSO case I mentioned above is actually quite similar to the Slimline, but for these reasons below I prefer the Slimline.  Poetic has always held itself to extremely high standards when it comes to making cases and accessories and it has continued to be shown in the new Poetic Slimline.  This newer variant features a higher quality leather finish and just an impeccable build.  The buttons, ports, and speakers can be easily found and navigated through and there’s really no flaws.

Like the IVSO case the Poetic Slimline for Galaxy NotePro 12.2 is a one piece case but takes advantage of a hardshell body and flap.  The difference is that the Poetic Slimline’s flap is actually magnetic.  The advantage of a magnetic flap is that the different viewing angles the Note Pro 12.2 is put in, are actually more sturdy and less prone to fall.  I didn’t have any issues like that on the IVSO, but in the past I’ve had a couple issues with cases on airplanes.  Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Poetic Slimine case for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, it can be bought in a bazillion color variations, and we’ll have a link directly below.

Buy In USA – http://amzn.to/1g1KPLG

Buy In UK – http://amzn.to/1g1KPLG


3. Fintie Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

fintie folio for Galaxy NotePro 12.2

I’m ussually not a huge fan of folio cases like this, simply because they usually feal really cheap and poorly made.  This one on the other hand is actually quite premium and adds quite a bit of protection and functionality to the Galaxy NotePro 12.2.  The Fintie Folio Case allows the Note Pro to be put up in a couple of different viewing angles which is perfect for kids on long road trips, or business men on airplanes.

Unlike most other Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Cases, this one has a specific cut out for the S Pen which is often overlooked.  The Fintie Folio Case also does a great job at holding the Note in one place, many other folio cases aren’t very secure with the velcro used to hold the tablet, but it’s different here.  This case can be picked up for an extremely low price under $10 and is purchasable in around ten different colors variants, so like the IVSO, you could get several for the price of what you would pay for at Best Buy.

Buy In USA – http://amzn.to/1i3bwqe

Buy In UK – http://amzn.to/1i3bwqe

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