I’ve been using this thirteen inch mid 2014 MacBook Pro every day for the last two weeks for editing, browsing the web, word processing, and even a little gaming.  To be completely honest, I’m thoroughly impressed.

MacBook Pro 13

The configuration I opted to purchase was the base model which will run you $1299 and it comes with a 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor , 8GBs of RAM , a 128GB SSD, and Intel Iris Graphics.  And when comparing the specs to the price, this might not seem like a great value considering what you can get with a windows laptop.  But when you purchase a Mac or any Apple product, you’re purchasing the experience.


Part of this experience comes with the stunning quality of the retina display which holds over 4 million pixels and delivers a resolution of 2560 by 1600 which is absolutely incredible.  Be warned though, once you get used to the pixel dense display of the macbook pro, it’s going to be tough looking at anything under 4k resolution.

MacBook Pro 13

Pushing all of those pixels requires a lot of power, especially when it comes to graphic intensive tasks like video editing, but the MBP handled everything like a champ.  It certainly got a bit warm during long editing sessions but no where near the smoking hot temperature my old 2012 MBP would.  The video export times were truly incredible, whole projects would export in under a minute where they would take at least fifteen or so minutes on my older mac.  The only issue I can see with the thirteen inch model is the SSD filling up in space really quick since it’s not expandable.  So if you do plan on getting this size I would recommend 256gbs of flash storage.  If you’re interested in specific benchmark scores then I’ll have a link to my benchmark test which you click on screen right here or you can find it down the description.

The battery life is also really solid.  It would easily get me through two days of usage which includes basic web browsing, word processing, and several hours of video editing.  I kept the brightness at about 75% and could definitely have used it at 50% and made it last even longer if needed.

mid 2014 macbook pro

With the great job Apple has done with battery life, the display, and powerful internals, it would be logical to think they slacked off in the portability and thickness of the MacBook Pro, but they didn’t.  In fact the mid 2014 MBP measures only 0.71 inches thick and weighs 3.46 pounds.  The build quality is stellar with the whole kit being carved out of a single aluminum unibody and it just delivers a great user experience.  This ranges from the clicky backlit keyboard all the way to the responsive trackpad.

Taking a look around the pro, on the left you’ll find the MagSafe 2 power port, Two Thunderbolt 2 ports , a USB 3.0 port, a headphone jack, and dual mics.  Over on the right you’ll find  find the second of two usb ports, an HDMI port, and an SD card slot.  You might be surprised to see the absence of an optical drive and that’s missing to save space.

macbook pro 13

Like all Apple products the mid 2014 MacBook Pro is a serious eye catcher that combines good looks and aesthetics, powerful internals, a stellar display, and solid battery life.  Where it lacks is in the price department.  Before you go out and shell out top dollar for a macbook pro you need to seriously ask whether it’s overkill for what you need it to do.  This 13” model is a great product for anyone looking to get into any type of graphic or video work, and I thoroughly enjoy using it.
If you’re interesting it purchasing this macbook pro I’ll link you guys to the lowest price I can find.

2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Review 13 (Mid 2014)

  1. Hi . First of all thank you for your reviews , it help so much to guys like me !
    I have a question and that is how much memory intel iris share with system in 13 inch ? I looked so many reviews and they say it can’t be good for some graphic work but you say any type of graphic or video ! If this model can handle this stuff it may be runs slowly right ?
    I’ll be glad to hear info from you .
    Thank you .

  2. Great review! I’m wondering if the model is overkill for my needs. I’m finishing up college, so I’m primarily using the machine for web surfing, emails, and word processing. However I am a journalism major, so I’ll need the ability to do basic photo/video editing as well as designing. I’m currently debating between the 13 inch MBP 8 ram, 256 SSD, or the 13 in MBA 8 ram, 256 SSD.

    Thanks in advance!

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