I’ve been putting these mid 2014 MacBook Pros to the test every day for the last ten days since their release.  Along with that I’ve also just recently pushed out the full reviews for each model so you can go check those out as well if you’re interested.  But before we get started I want to hear all of your thoughts on the these new MacBook Pros.  Specs and internals aside, which form factor do you prefer more, thirteen or fifteen inch?  Let me know down in the comments, I’m interested to hear what you all think.  Anyway, let’s go ahead and get right into it.

MacBook Pro Retina 15" Review

If I asked some random Joe off the street what the difference between the 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pros were he would probably just say the dimensions of the 15 are two inches larger than the 13 inch, and that’s a big misconception when it comes to the general public.  Most don’t realize how much more powerful the larger macbook pro is.  In fact, the 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro is limited to a dual core i7 processor when completely maxed out while the 15 inch models come standard with a quad core i7 processor.  And it’s also the same story with the graphics card, the 13 inch just doesn’t have dedicated graphics while the 15 inch does.  I could go on, but I think you all get the point.


Both of these Mid 2014 MacBooks rock the stunning retina display which holds over 4 million pixels on the 13 inch and 5 million on the 15 inch which is absolutely incredible.  I know I mentioned this in both reviews, but I was completely serious when saying the retina display makes every other monitor look bad.  Because of that I actually went out and purchased the Dell UP2414Q 4K Monitor which is also great.

MacBook Pro Retina

There’s no doubting it takes a lot of power to push all of those pixels so that’s where the internals come into play.  Both of the MacBook Pros I’m using are the base models but they’re actually really, really powerful.  I’m able to edit video fine while uploading videos in the background and doing a ton of multi tasking.  There’s no question that the 15” renders and exports much faster but the 13” is more than capable of keeping up with it.


Most people I know aren’t aware that the MacBook Air isn’t that much slimmer than the MacBook Pro, as the Pro has a thickness of only 0.71 inches.  Where the 15 and 13 inch begin to differ is in the weight department, the 13 inch weighs in at 3.46 pounds while the 15 inch tips the scale at 4.46 pounds.  It’s truly incredible how internals have become more and more powerful while at the same time getting thinner and lighter.

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

The battery life on both MacBook Pros are pretty darn solid.  The 13” MacBook Pro Retina would get me through two days of usage which includes basic web browsing, word processing, and several hours of video editing while the 15 inch would get me through probably a day and a half of usage.  And this was with the brightness at about 75%, and I definitely could’ve used it at 50 and made it last longer.
Externally both of these laptops have a really nice sleek, slender design with that beautiful aluminum unibody.  That combined with the backlit keyboard and ultra responsive trackpad is a complete setup for success.


Taking a look around the pros, on the left you’ll find the MagSafe 2 power port, Two Thunderbolt 2 ports , a USB 3.0 port, a hedaphone jack, and dual mics and on the right you’ll find the second of two usb ports, an hdmi port, and an sd card slot.

MacBook Pro Retina Display

Wrapping this video up, both the MacBook Pro 13 inch and the 15 inch have a lot to offer.  On one hand you have a larger display, more powerful internals, and a higher price tag.  While on the other you have a more affordable price, less room to work with, and capable specs.  Whether you choose one over the is your choice, I would highly recommend making sure a MacBook isn’t overkill for what you need it to do.  If you’re just looking to play some flash games and browse the web, you might want to look elsewhere.  But if you’re into any graphic or video work, either the thirteen or fifteen inch will fit in perfectly to your work environment.

MacBook Pro Retina

Anyway, if you’re interesting in purchasing this macbook pro I’ll link you guys to the lowest price I can find below. If you enjoy this content please do share it and let me know in the comments.


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