I mentioned a little while ago that LG is working on a smartphone with a curved and flexible display. Meanwhile, they are experimenting with batteries that have the same properties, flexible batteries.


A smartphone is made of three major elements: the display, the electronics and battery. The first is already in production and will find good application in the near future. The electronics, PCB, can be found in many shapes and sizes, and some chips are already flexible to some extent. Battery remains to receive the same capabilities and we can build a fully flexible smartphone. LG works on such a product.

Again, the news does not come as a teaser in that it does not state if they are in development stage, but they will soon enter the production stage. This means that now are in the final stage of testing of flexible batteries and soon will be able to reach smartphones, smart watches, smart glasses or other products that do not support a battery of standard shapes and sizes. The image above is a battery in form of a cable that can be manipulated into almost any shape needed and it works the same, without major loss of energy.

LG is working on increasing the capacity of current batteries. Moreover, it seems that LG G2 will receive in the near future a battery of 3480 mAh, compared to the 3000 mAh that comes with now, an increase of 16% in the same size and weight.

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