The original iPhone really shook up the phone market in 2007 and it was the start of Apple’s domination of the smartphone industry, but since then Android has become the most popular operating system.  The iPhone 6 is Apple’s response to the ever increasing sizes of smartphones as it’s now offered in a larger 4.7 inch form factor with an even slimmer aluminum build.  The G4 is LG’s latest flagship device that packs in some of the most powerful hardware, a killer 2k display, and amazing camera along with the latest version of Android, but is it enough?  How does LG’s G4 stack up to the iPhone 6?  Let’s find out.

Starting things off with pricing and availability both the G4 and iPhone 6 will cost you $199 with a two year contract for the base storage model.  The iPhone 6 comes in 16, 64, and 128GB flavors while as of right now, the only storage option available for the G4 is 32GB.  However, the G4 does have a microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB so that’s definitely something to consider.


In terms of color options the G4 can be bought with a leather or plastic back.  Plastic color options include ceramic white, titanium gray, and gold.  The leather options vary from a dark maroon to a nice tan.  The iPhone 6 on the other hand comes in space grey, silver, and gold.


LG G4 vs iPhone 6 3

Physically the G4 doesn’t feel like a $700 phone.  Its plastic back and metallic shiny edges are okay, but they aren’t what I was expecting.  For me a case is absolutely necessary with this phone because it’s incredibly slippery and at least for me, a drop waiting to happen.  However the build of the device isn’t all negative, I’m a huge fan of the rear facing buttons as LG has certainly made improvements.


But even though the buttons are improved the speaker isn’t.  It’s moderately loud and inconveniently placed on the back, an ideal place to be covered up.


Physically, Apple has kept the metal backing but this year it has smooth curves going around the edges which makes it much slicker than last years iPhone 5S.  Aesthetically speaking I truly hate the antenna design.  Apple has outlined the top and bottom of the back of the device with these ugly looking antennas and along with that there’s also the protruding camera which just doesn’t blend well with the device.  For that reason I’ve been using the Rearth Ringke Fusion Case, it’s the best one I’ve used so far.


And like the LG G4, the iPhone 6 suffers from the same poor speaker quality, but if I had to take one, it would be the G4’s.

Moving over to the front of the G4 we’ll find a beautiful 5.5 inch quad hd 2560×1440 display that completely dwarfs the iPhone 6’s 4.7inch 750p resolution screen.  Side by side, the G4’s panel looks much sharper and crisper.  The difference is even more noticeable when viewing higher quality 4k video on YouTube.  There’s no doubt in my mind that the G4’s display is much better than iPhone 6’s.

What's on my LG G4 2


When it comes to iOS devices vs Android devices software will always be the differentiator.  If you don’t like iOS then go with Android, if you don’t like Android then go with iOS.  However if you’re a fan of both like I am, it’s hard to take sides.


So the iPhone 6 runs the latest version of iOS, iOS 8.  One great thing about Apple is that because their operating system is more locked down you’ll be guaranteed updates for at least the next several years which is something that isn’t guaranteed with the G4.  As far as the new features on iOS 8 go there’s now widgets in the notification bar, the ability to quickly respond to message in apps, Apple Pay allows you to make payments directly from your iPhone 6, and there’s also now talk to type technology.  All of these are great additions to the iOS operating system but if you’re currently on Android you probably know these features have been around for a while.  That being said, the iPhone 6 is very quick and fluid, if you do decide to purchase the iPhone 6 you won’t be disappointed with the software experience.



However one awesome feature that’s exclusive to the iPhone 6 is touch id.  It allows you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint and also make payments with applications like Paypal and purchase items through the App store without using your password.


When it comes to the software on the LG G4, I personally am not a huge fan of LG’s custom skin.  Things like the stock dialer icon not matching up with stock Google icons is something that bothers me.   However there are some definite pros to the openness of android which means the software can be completely customized by the user, so if anyone does end up purchasing the G4 you can always change the software to your liking.


A couple cool features include smart settings which automatically turns on wifi as soon as I get home, and it also toggles it off when I leave home.  Another awesome feature is Smart cleaning which is great for people that don’t know how or just don’t have the time to go through and unclutter their device of unwanted files.  Smart cleaning can be set up to remind you to clean up your device every week, month, or not at all, so that’s pretty sweet.

Moving onto battery life the iPhone 6 rocks a smaller 1810 mAh battery that will last you through a full day.  I’ve been putting it on the charger every night with about 10-15% left which isn’t as good as the G4, but it’s decent.  The G4 on the other hand boasts a larger 3,000mAh battery.  Considering the display has 2k resolution and is 5.5 inches I’ve been very impressed with battery life.  A typical example of battery life would be me unlocking the G4 at 5:30 in the morning at 100% and finishing my day up at 8:00 pm with about 20% left with 3 hours and 13 minutes of screen on time.  And to give an idea of my usage I watch a lot video and stream music with soundcloud throughout the day, so I’m just about your average user.





Next up is camera performance.  The iPhone 6 has an 8 megapixel camera, but don’t let the 8 megapixels fool you though because it definitely has one of the best cameras.  The G4’s however does, in my opinion, edge out the iPhone 6 when it comes to camera performance.  Picture is super crisp and sharp and is perfect for anyone ranging from a mom who wants pictures of her kids or camera professionals that are the best on the market.


One major difference between these two devices is obviously going to be the size.  For anyone with smaller hands the G4 probably isn’t that great of an option unless you’re okay with two handing the phone all the time.  If you don’t have access to either of these phones I would highly recommend heading down to bestbuy to experience both devices.


The LG G4 is an incredible device, it features a killer display, good battery life, and a great camera.  The iPhone 6 offers a polished operating system, new updated screen size, and stellar camera.  For me, I prefer the G4 because I enjoy Android and the larger display, but which phone is best for you?  Well that choice has to be made for yourself.

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