This is the LG G3 Vigor.  It’s a shrunken down variant of the infamous LG G3 except it’s priced at an affordable price tag under $30.  It sports a soft touch removable backing, slim bezel, and solid display.  This is chad and in this video we’ll be doing an unboxing and overview of the new LG G3 Vigor.

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As far as pricing and availability goes you can pick this phone up from AT&T for only $29 and it’s available in a total of four color variants white, black, red, and purple.  Some of those are exclusive to certain networks so be sure to check the link in the description for more on color options.  Inside the box you’ll find the LG G3 Vigor itself and the one we have is in white, along with that you’ll get the micro usb charger and charging brick, as well as the standard AT&T paperwork and getting started guide.

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The first thing I noticed upon holding the Vigor was how similar it is to the G3.  It has the same curves and rounded edges and slim bezels.  The phone also of course has same the rear facing buttons, which do have a bit of a learning curve but once you start using them they really do grow on you.

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The LG G3 Vigor has a five inch display which sounds pretty big, but it really isn’t.  Since LG uses software buttons and has such small bezels the device is considerable smaller than other devices like the HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5.  Like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha which I just recently reviewed, the Vigor is an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t have enormous hands.

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Considering LG has priced the Vigor at only $29, they obviously had to cut corners somewhere and it’s most noticeable in the display.  The Vigor is outfitted with a lower resolution 720p panel that lacks in overall saturation and color variation, but for someone that hasn’t used a higher res phone like the Moto X or Galaxy S5, you won’t be able to notice it.

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Performance wise the LG G3 Vigor is a little bit behind but that’s somewhat expected considering it’s low price.  It features a Snapdrdagon 400 Processor clocked at 1.2GHz along with 1GB of RAM.  The phone overall has been pretty quick and smooth but I’ve noticed that there is the occasional bit of lag when opening the app drawer and going in and out of the recent apps tray.  It’s far from a dealbreaker but it’s definitely there.

LG G3 Vigor Review

One of the absolute best features of the LG G3 Vigor is the battery life.  It has a removable 2540mAh battery which is pretty darn huge considering it has a smaller lower res display.  I’ve been able to get a solid two days worth of usage out of the Vigor and its actually better than my M8 and GS5 in terms of battery life which is impressive.  Also, most phones these days don’t have a removable battery so if you decide to go camping for the weekend you would normally be out of look, but with the Vigor you can bring a spare battery and you don’t have to worry about it.

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Other than the display, the only other places LG seemed to cut corners is on the storage options and camera.  The LG G3 Vigor only comes with 8GBs but you can expand it with a micro sd card, so it’s not that big od a deal but I figured it is worth mentioning.


As far as the camera, the Vigor has an 8 megapixel shooter that quite honestly is sub par.  If the only thing you use your camera for is taking quick selfies or other basic things then it should be good enough, but I would highly recommend against using the Vigor for anything more than that.


For only $29 the LG G3 Vigor is a fantastic mid range device.  It has fantastic battery life, solid build quality, and decent specs.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this unboxing and review, if you did be sure to share it on social media and leave a comment!



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