Lately, there were talks about flexible displays, especially in light of Samsung and LG’s. A device that makes use of this technology seems to be LG G Flex.



We are talking, of course, about a smartphone that is rumored to be released and will hold a 6-inch flexible display. Why say only that uses the technology of flexible displays? Well, the smartphone will be a stiff, but represents the first implementation of this type of display.

Its 6-inch screen will be curved a little longer than in the case of Galaxy Nexus, being relatively easy to access its extremities. Of this technology, there have been rumors about Galaxy Note 3, a curved display offsetting a little the screen size when you want to get your finger in the top for example.

The main problem for the smartphone which will not have a flexible body is the technology required for a PCB, a flexible circuit motherboards do not exist or is too expensive to be marketed at a price acceptable to consumers.

Technology promoted by LG is apparently more durable easier and cheaper to perform than conventional displays, elements are extra in terms of longevity and endurance of the smartphone. The diagram above is only representative, there isn’t currently the official pictures of the above product.

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