The LG G4 is without a doubt one of the best phones of 2015, but that’s not to say it’s without flaws.  One of my biggest gripes is its slippery plastic back that makes it likely to get dropped at least several times within its lifetime.  And while it’s easy to say, “I wouldn’t drop my phone, and who wants a big bulky case that takes away from my phone’s functionality”, most people don’t realize that you can protect your LG G4 without compromising functionality or even adding much thickness.


LG G4 Rearth Ringke Slim


The Rearth Ringke Slim has recently become my go to case at a price under $10.  My favorite feature has to be that it’s so incredibly thin.  It adds virtually no extra heft or bulk and differentiates itself from the competition in a couple ways.  Although it’s marked as a hard case, it doesn’t have a plastic finish, it’s actually matte which gives some extra grip.  Also, many standard hard cases are one piece without any cutouts on the side, on the Ringke Slim there’s small cuts to help make putting the case on and taking it off less of a hassle and prevent scratching.


Rearth did a solid job with all ports leaving the IR blaster, micro usb, and headphone jack free, and all leftover space covered in case.  Like with the Urban Armor Gear case, I actually found that the reaching the volume rockers was a bit easier because the texture was much more pronounced when compared to using the G4 without a case, so that’s a plus.

 LG G4 Rearth Ringke Slim


There’s very little branding on the hard shell, with Ringke slim etched on the bottom corner, so for those that want a low profile case, this is a nice option.  One other thing I like is that the shell protrudes ever so slightly over the display so the screen won’t get scuffed up on a table when set down face first.


The only real cons I’ve found with the Ringke SLIM case for the LG G4 is that it’s available in only two colors, black and clear, but it’s possible more options come out in the future.  And the only other thing is that it isn’t as protective as other cases on the market, but that’s pretty self explanatory when the case is so thin.


Anyway, for under $10 the Rearth Ringke Slim Case is probably the best thin case on the market.  It’s a nice blend between thinness, protection, and price.

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