The iPhone 8 is iP67 certified, which means it can withstand water immersion up to one meter for 30 minutes.  However, keep in mind Apple does not cover any water damage to your device.


Now the first test we’ll do is a shower test, but basically we’ll see what happens upon spraying a hose at the iPhone 8.  As you can see here, the iPhone 8 goes a little crazy when water hits the screen.  If you were hoping to be able to use the phone with water running on it, that won’t work.  However, immediately after stopping the water source, you can resume normal phone use.  I didn’t have to use a towel to dry off the display.  Keep in mind though, touch id won’t work immediately after coming into contact with water.  You’ll have to make sure both your finger and the home button are dry.


The next test I did was water immersion.  I decided to go ahead and record some underwater footage just to see how it would turn, and I think it looks pretty darn good.  A couple times I noticed that the recording would stop underwater, but the screen would remain on.  I think this is due to droplets of water messing with the screen.  And just in case people are doubting that this actually isn’t the iPhone 8 I’m using, and not some other phone,  I decided to prove to you guys by jumping into the water with the iPhone 8.  


After these two tests the iPhone 8 is no different than before.  Speaker quality is the same, charging is the same, and there’s no issues with touch id or the display.  Overall, I’m really satisfied with the iP67 certification.  


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