The iPhone 6 is one of the hottest phones on the market.  It has a beautiful shiny metal build, soft smooth edges, and a wonderful display.  The Samsung Galaxy Alpha on the other hand has an aluminum frame, chamfered edges, and beautiful build.  This is chad and in this video we’ll be doing a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Apple iPhone 6.  Let’s get started.


This is the AT&T Galaxy Alpha which means you’ll be covered just about everywhere across the US when it comes to coverage and it can actually be purchased for only $99 with 32GBs  and I’ll be linking there in the description below.  The iPhone 6 can be bought for $199 with a two year contract and it comes in 16, 64, and 128GB variants.  Neither of them have expandable storage but the Alpha does have a removable battery and back plate which is always nice.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 6 3

I feel like I’m going to get some hate for this, but I actually prefer the design of the Alpha over the iPhone 6.  Normally the design of Samsung phones are my only major knock but this year Samsung is really going hard.  The main addition we have here on the Alpha is this nice aluminum frame which gives the device a new premium feel that Samsung has never delivered before.  Because of the inclusion of the chamfered edges and ultra thin profile honestly improves the feel of the device exponentially.  All of that combined with this moderately 4.7” display makes the Samsung Galaxy Alpha an attractive option for anyone that doesn’t want a gorilla sized phone.  The size of the device makes the Alpha very comfortable to use in the hand and when compared to the iPhone 6 it’s practically identical.


Apple on the other hand has kept the metal backing but this year it has smooth curves going around the edges which makes it much slicker than last years iPhone 5S. For me, I have to use a case on the iPhone 6, and it sucks because a case shouldn’t be necessary.  It’s just so incredibly slippery that i need to.  I mean there’s no doubt the phone is premium but aesthetically speaking I truly hate the antenna design.  It definitely looks the worst on the gold model, I’ve noticed the space grey looks good, but I just don’t get it.  Apple has outlined the top and bottom of the back of the device with these ugly looking antennas that just don’t blend well with the phone.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 6 2

The iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha both suffer from poor speaker quality.  On the iPhone they’re located directly next to the charging port which means it’s covered whenever you’re playing a game or watching a video and on the Alpha they’re located on the back facing away from you, so it’s every bit as bad.



The iPhone 6’s display has been increased up to 4.7 inches and now has 750p resolution.  Now those of you that haven’t ever used or seen the iPhone 6 in person are going to say how bad the picture quality is, but it’s actually really good.  It’s every bit as clear as the Nexus 5’s or even the Galaxy S5’s display.  I’m not sure what it is about Apple, but they always seem to get the display right.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iPhone 6

Unfortunately Samsung opted to drop the resolution from 1080p on the Galaxy S5 to 720p here on the Alpha.  The good news is that because the display on the Alpha is only 4.7 inches it isn’t quite as noticeable as if the display was larger.  Text certainly isn’t as sharp as on the iPhone 6 but the display isn’t bad by any means.


When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, it does run Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat at the time of this video, but it should hopefully be getting Android 5.0 Lollipop sometime soon.  The Alpha is relatively smooth, but I wouldn’t go as far too say it’s lag free.  Lollipop is supposed to bring tons of improvement to Android so if you do end up purchasing the Alpha, you can expect a solid two years of use out of the phone.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review 6



Now moving onto the iPhone 6, it runs the latest version of iOS, iOS 8.  As far as the new features on iOS 8 go there’s now widgets in the notification bar, the ability to quickly respond to message in apps, Apple Pay allows you to now make payments directly from your iPhone 6, and there’s also now talk to type technology.  All of these are great additions to the iOS operating system but if you’re currently on Android you probably know these features have been around for a while.  That being said, the iPhone 6 is very quick and fluid, if you do decide to purchase the iPhone 6 you won’t be disappointed with the software experience.


iPhone 6



However one awesome feature that’s exclusive to the iPhone 6 is touch id.  It allows you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint and also make payments with applications like Paypal and purchase items through the App store without using your password.


Unfortunately the Galaxy Alpha has only been getting me about 20 hours of usage which is enough for one full day, but it just isn’t up to par with other new Android phones.  It features a small 1860mAh battery that can be replaced, so if you do decide to purchase the Alpha you can also buy another battery  just in case you start running low on juice.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review



The iPhone 6 on the other hand boasts a minuscule 1810 mAh battery that will last you through a full day.  I’ve been putting it on the charger every night with about 10-15% left which is slightly better than the Alpha but not by much.


The final thing we’re going to cover is the camera performance.  The iPhone 6 has an 8 megapixel camera, but don’t let the 8 megapixels fool you though because it’s without a doubt the best shooter on the market in my opinion.  But that’s not to say the Alpha has a bad camera, Even though the Galaxy Alpha doesn’t have the best camera on the market it’s more than good enough for the average consumer.  It features a 12MP camera that has a quick auto focus and can take some pretty good shots.


Improve iPhone 6 Battery Life



Wrapping things up here, the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Alpha are both great devices.  One is less expensive, with a solid display, great build quality, and decent battery life; while, the other offers a higher price tag, nice display, and better camera.  Ultimately, you’ll have to figure out what’s most important to you in a phone, and which device better fits that profile.  If you’re still not sure which device is best for you be sure to check out my comparisons which include the  One (M8), Nexus 5, and 2nd Generation Moto G.  I’ll have those link in the description so you can easily find them.

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