The AiBOCN 10,000mAh Power Bank is a great accessory for any LG G4, Galaxy S6, or iPhone 6 owner.  Inside the box you’ll get the power bank itself, then a usb to micro usb charger, along with a little product guide to help you better understand the device.

AIBOCN Power Bank Review

The size of this power bank is a little bit shorter than the LG G4 and a lit bit thicker, so it doesn’t add much heft at all if you’re looking to put it in your pocket or toss it into your backpack. I personally have enjoyed taking it along on day long trips or whenever I thought there was a possibility of my phone dying.


AIBOCN Power Bank Review3



Aesthetically speaking the power bank doesn’t look bad, but it isn’t super attractive either. It uses this two tone black and white design which looks okay. The only real design flaw I’ve found is that it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet and picks up some oil splotches over time, but that’s not much of a big deal for me.


On the right side of the Choco AiBOCN Power Bank you’ll find the micro usb port which can be used to charge the power bank, next to it is the first usb port which will charge at 1 amp and then next to it is the second usb port which charges at 2.4 amps. Up on top is the power button and LED light to signal how charged up the power bank is. Pressing the power button will light up the AIBOCN’s LED indicator from flashing, where you need to charge the bank, to one light which means it’s from 5-25 percent, two lights signals it’s at 25-50 percent, three lights is 50-75, and all four lights is from 75-100 percent charge.


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Because the AIBOCN Power Bank does hold 10,000mAh of juice it should be able to charge the iPhone 6 five times, the Galaxy S6 four times, and the LG G4 three times. I personally think everyone should have some type of external charger in each of their bags because with the amount we use our phones, it’s inevitable that it’ll eventually die on us when we need it most.


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For only $19.99 the AIBOCN Power Bank is a great little device to leave in your car or bag just have around. If you were able to spend $700 on an iPhone or Galaxy S6 then this is a great accessory to go along with it. If you’re interested in picking up an Aibocn power bank then be sure to check out the link here and leave a comment!

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