With many people wanting to have a unique design for their devices, the company Wrappz has created a wide variety of different templates which can be customized online using their website. Wrappz allow you to create these skins using a combination of your own images, text as well as pre-made designs from their site.

The quality of the overall product is very high due to 3M adhesive which gives it a very smooth and glossy finish, as well as the finish of the skin being of high quality the actual printed design came out just how I expected them to. The colours are very accurate, vibrant and make this skin stand out, however I did notice a small problem in the printing around the edges of the TechCastUK logo, it is quite blurry and pixelated but this could be down to my design having to be sized up to fit on the template.


What is the benefit of using 3M adhesive over other adhesive materials? Firstly, it contains patented micro-channels which prevent any air bubbles from forming under the skin. Secondly, it allows for simple application as well as allowing you to remove it without leaving any residue behind.


Wrappz have made applying their skins to your devices very easy by using machines to cut each skin out very precisely and this makes lining the skin up with the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller easier, however I still found it hard to get it perfectly lined up. To apply the skin all you have to do is wipe the device over to make the surface smooth and clean, then peel the skin away from the vinyl sheet it comes on, line it up with all the buttons on your controller and then smoothing it all out.


Inside the packaging of the Wrappz skin you get two of the same custom designed skins, three £5/$5 vouchers for the Wrappz website, A TagBak sticker which I will go other in another article soon, a piece of paper with some brief instructions as well as a 20% off discount code.


Overall the Wrappz custom skins are a great buy due to the many ways in which you can create your design, the quality of the surface and print as well as it being quite simple to apply.


The Wrappz Custom Xbox 360 Controller Skin is a great product I would definitely recommend.  You can visit the Wrappz website by clicking here.


You can buy the Wrappz Custom Xbox 360 Controller Skin here.

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