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The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for LG G3 is the middle ground between Spigen’s other two LG G3 cases, the extremely thin Ultra Fit case that offers almost no protection, and the Slim Armor, a thicker case that provides a lot of protection.

Spigen LG G3 Case

The Ultra Hybrid is closer to the Ultra Fit, in the sense that it is a very thin, light, and comfortable, but certainly provides much more protection. It gets its name from the hybrid materials, a grippy rubber exterior and sides, combined with the clear middle plastic section.


The back, as mentioned before, is a completely transparent hard plastic shell. In my testing, it doesn’t easily scratch, nor shows many fingerprints or oils. Now I have the white LG G3, but I’d imagine if you had the black variant scratches and oils would more easily be shown.


On the front of the Ultra Hybrid for LG G3 you get a lay-on-the-table design, and it’s wide enough that you can fit any screen protector, including their own Glass screen protector that I’ve previously reviewed. Graciously, they also included a decent regular-style screen protector.
LG G3 Spigen Case


You also get complete coverage to all ports and buttons on the device, and shouldn’t run into any compatibility problems for accessories.  As for protection, you’ll get a lot of it if you were to drop your phone on the top, sides, or corners due to Spigen’s Air Cushion technology, and decent back protection with the strong plastic backing. Throw in Spigen’s glass screen protector, or even the one that is included, and you’ll get some pretty solid protection,


So to wrap up this review, if you want a minimalistic experience, a comfortable case with protection and style, then the Ultra Hybrid for LG G3 is the case for you.

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