The Ultra Fit Capsule by Spigen, is the latest in Spigen’s lineup of Galaxy S5 cases.  This specific model is actually very similar to the slim fit case, but it instead of having a more grippy matte back feel, it has more of a dimpled rubbery texture which is also somewhat grippy.  When it comes to the design of this case, it’s quite fashionable and stylish.  The dimpled textured design on the back adds some personality and looks to the case that isn’t on many others.

Galaxy S5 Ultra Fit Capsule Case

Like the rest of Spigen’s Galaxy S5 cases, there’s complete and easy access to all of the ports like the micro usb, volume rockers, headphone jack, and power button.  I’ve found that because the Ultra Fit Capsule covers over the power button and volume rockers they’re extremely tactile and easy to press.  Many other cases will cover the buttons, but they’ll be impossible use.  In addition, there’s also an added layer above the screen called a lip.  It will protect the screen if the phone is faced down on a table.  It isn’t a plastic layer, the case just extends above the screen.

Ultra Fit Capsule Spigen for Galaxy S5

At the moment the Ultra Fit Capsule is only available for purchase in two color variants, gray and metal slate.  I’m kind’ve hoping more variants will be available in the near future because that’s the only thing lacking.  Despite that, the Spigen Ultra Fit Capsule for the Galaxy S5 is a great case for the GS5 and a great value for the money.

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