As some of you may remember not too long ago, we found out that the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S is actually very prone to minor scratches.  We heard many potential users of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s voices asking for a demonstration of scratching of the home button, so we decided to put the GS5 to the test.


We started by doing a key scratch test on the Galaxy S5.  We stabbed the home button, scratched it, and just rubbed the home button for quite a while.  After testing the fingerprint scanner, we were surprised to see it still worked.


Next we brought out a kitchen knife.  Common sense would tell us this Galaxy S5 is going to get destroyed and lack fingerprint sensor functionality, but again the fingerprint sensor continued to work fine.  It’s amazing how durable the GS5 is despite the cheap plastic.


In our final Samsung Galaxy S5 scratch test on the fingerprint scanner we brought out this huge knife with nice jagged edges which are pretty much guaranteed to do some damage.  However, the Galaxy S5 again stood the test and continued to function flawlessly.


If you’re interested in checking out the video demo above, go ahead and click on the embedded video.

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