In this article we’ll be going over some of our top ten basic tips and tricks for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  While some of you more polished Android users may recognize some of these tips, chances are you’ll learn at least three or more things that will up the functionality of your new device.  I also have a video version of this article on YouTube so if that’s something you’re interested in, feel free to check out above.  Anyway, be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and leave a comment here on the website.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tips Tricks


1. How To Change Galaxy Note 4 Home / Lock Screen Wallpaper

The easiest way to change the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 home or lock screen wallpaper is by first long holding the screen.  Then choose wallpaper, and toggle whether you would like to change the home and lock screen or just one of them.


2. How To Add and Remove Home Screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / Change Home Screen Order

Adding or removing home screens on the Galaxy Note 4 is very easy.  Again like in tip number one, just do a simple long hold on one of the home screens, and from here we need to identify the screen we would like to remove.  Once you find it long hold it and drag it into the trash can.  You can also move the order of the screens around here and set the main screen by tapping this home button.  Adding a screen can be performed by simply navigating all the way to the right and tapping on the plus button.


3. How To Add Apps and Widgets to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Home Screen

Adding apps and widgets to the Galaxy Note 4’s home screen isn’t too difficult.  The first step is to first find our app or widget of choice within our app drawer.  Like before we’ll long hold the screen, but this time we’ll long hold on that specific app or widget.  Upon long holding we can go ahead and drag the item to wherever we would like on our home screen.  The process is completely identical with widgets so you can do this with them as well.


4. How To Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 App Drawer

There are many reasons one would want to hide applications from his or her app drawer.  For me it’s because of carrier bloatware like the at&t family map and others that come preinstalled on the Note 4.  The first step to ridding your device of bloatware is tapping the three little dots on the top right hand corner on the app drawer and then clicking hide/unhide apps.  Next check the apps you want to hide and then tap done.


5. How To Change Order of Apps in Galaxy Note 4 App Drawer

Changing the order of apps within the app drawer is a great way of making sure your most used applications are the most easily accessible.  To change the order of application on the Galaxy Note 4 simply start by navigating to the app drawer.  Next tap the three dots on the top right hand corner and then tap “sort by”.  From here you can choose either custom or alphabetical.


6. How To Add Folders in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s App Drawer

You may have already noticed that I actually have a folder in my app drawer called Google.  Folders are really convenient for sorting apps you don’t want cluttering up your app drawer, but that you use enough to the point where you wouldn’t want to hide them.  To add a folder, again tap on the top right hand corner, select create folder, and enter a name.  You can then check all the apps you would like to add and then press done to complete the action.


7. How To Customize Galaxy Note 4 Quick Settings / Notification Panel

Customizing the quick settings within the Galaxy Note 4‘s notification panel is great for those that often use it.  If you’re not familiar with the notification panel, it’s the circular icons you can quickly toggle on and off when you pull down the notification bar.  They’re especially convenient for those that are often turning on and off WiFi and other settings.  You can edit these by tapping on the right hand corner of the notification panel and then tapping on the pencil icon.  From here we can follow the written instructions to rearrange the order by dragging and dropping.


8. How To Change Font Style on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Many people prefer the old font that was used on previous versions of Samsung’s TouchWiz.  It can be changed by opening up the settings and finding the font tab.  You can reach that area of the settings by either using the search function or by sliding to the right to the device tab, and then tapping on display, and then font.  From here you can change the font style on your Galaxy Note 4.


9. How To Change Text Size on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

For those that can’t easily read text on the Galaxy Note 4, it’s a good thing there’s an option to increase the size.  Doing so is very easy: open up your settings, swipe over to device, and tap on display, tap on font, and from there you can choose the size of the text.


10. How To Set Up Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Finger Scanner

The finger scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the absolute hottest features on the Note 4, but so many people haven’t set it up.  To set up the finger scanner, you can do this by either scrolling through the menus or searching it and from here you’ll tap on fingerprint manager and then continue through the steps.


So that right there was ten basic tips and tricks for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  If you have any other questions or if you ran into any issues be sure to check out the video version as it might be a bit easier to follow along.  If you’re still having trouble after that then feel free to let me know what’s going wrong in the comments section down below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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