Although is not the first time we hear such rumors, several sources confirm that Apple and Samsung are working on 12 inch tablets.


A publication of Taiwan have reliable information as to both Apple and Samsung are working on tablets with screens of 12 inches. After a few days, another source reports that the Cupertino giant has on a list of research an iPad of such a size, and sources close to the matter confirmed collaboration with Quanta Computer to complete the project. This time, the association with Quanta also came in sight. As it concerns the people at Samsung, it is not excluded that they also work on 12 inch tablets.

This set of information comes in the form of a report from Digitimes, a publication that has a very rosy history regarding materialized rumors. Because some information about the iWatch could not miss, the same publication associated Quanta Computer also on the delivery of components of the hypothetical SmartWatch from Apple. On the other side of the fence, people at Samsung have tried to persuade the mighty Google working on a tablet over 10 inches, but were refused because the Mountain View giant devote their full attention during this period on 7 inches models.

There are still rumors regarding the release date for the hypothetical 12-inch tablets. Instead, more and more publications have confirmed on October 22 as when Apple announces the new iPad 5 and perhaps an iPad Mini with Retina Display.

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