Apple’s new iPhone 6 is the slipperiest ever made, it’s also extremely thin which makes it prone to drops, and to add on, the protruding camera is always at risk to getting scratched. All of the above are reasons why a case or some type of protection truly is necessary for this generation’s iPhone. The only problem is that if you have an iPhone you’ll want to show off the logo, you don’t want covered in some ugly old bulky case, but that’s where Rearth’s Ringke Fusion comes into play.

iPhone 6 Rearth Ringke Fusion Case2

The Rearth Ringke Fusion has a rather unique build to it that combines a hard shell backing on the rear with a firm tpu that goes around the edge of the iPhone. It makes getting the iPhone 6 in and out of the device a bit of a pain, but it will ensure there’s a zero percentage chance of the phone ever sliding out.


One thing the Ringke Fusion has that many others don’t is that there are covers going over the lightning port and also the headphone jack. This ensures that no debris or dust somehow slides in there when the phone is in your pocket or just throughout the day. I’m not sure how useful this is in a real life scenario, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

iPhone 6 Rearth Ringke Fusion Case4

In regards to buttons and ports, the Ringke Fusion will give you complete access to everything like the camera, lightning port. The volume rockers and power buttons are extra clicky which is always nice.


Like I mentioned earlier the Rearth Ringke Fusion case for iPhone 6 is a hybrid between a tpu and hardshell, and it feels nice in the hand. It certainly adds some much needed grip to the slippery iPhone 6 while not feeling to sticky. One thing I have noticed is that my model actually did come with some scratches on it. To me it’s not a big deal, but Rearth does have a 90 day warranty so if yours gets scuffed up, you can get it replaced.

iPhone 6 Rearth Ringke Fusion Case3

Believe it or not this case is currently under 10 dollars which is a great value for the money. It comes in four different color accents, with the backing being clear on all models. The color is actually changed around the tpu material ring, it’s a bit tough to explain the color options without actually showing you the product page, so I’ll have it linked right here.


Anyway, the Rearth Ringke Fusion could be the best iPhone 6 case on the market right now. If you’re interested in the video review of the case or where to buy it, you can find both links above. If you enjoyed the video be sure to share it and leave a comment!

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