In order to use a PS3 / XBox controller with the New Nexus 7 2013 you’ll need the below items to get started.


Nexus 7 –


Dualshock Controller –
OTG Cable –
USB 2.0 A Male to 5pin mini-B Male Cable –


After getting all of those items, the next step is to put your OTG cable into the Nexus 7, then put the USB into the OTG cable and the other end of it into the DualShock Controller.  Remember, not all games are mapped for gaming but many are.  If you run into any issues be sure to watch my video tutorial above and comment down below.

One thought on “PS3 Controller w / New Nexus 7 2013

  1. can u play using ps3 controller and connect nexus 7 to hd tv through slimport at the same time using usb hub or may be u could connect the controller via sixaxis and the slim port with otg cable ,,, is that possible?

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