The Poetic Slimline Case for the New Nexus 7 2013 is one of my favorite cases.  It features the three main things I personally look for in a case : smart cover, thin profile, and functionality.  This case probably won’t give you a ton of drop protection, but it definitely is premium and well built.  The Poetic Slimline features an ultra thin profile that gives full access to all of the ports.  My favorite thing about the Slimline is that there is a magnet in the cover which makes putting the Nexus 7 in a folio or movie viewing mode much sturdier, that way you know the tablet won’t fall.  I also like that there’s the smart cover feature and the overall thinness of the device.  If you would like to know more about the case then check out the video above and the link to it below.


Poetic Slimline for New Nexus 7

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