Because this event was inevitable for a long time, the people at LG have committed to organize a launch of the new Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 Kitkat.


One of the worst kept secrets in recent history is called Nexus 5, the fruit of the most recent collaboration between LG and Google.

After being speculated several release dates for the new Nexus series smartphone, the South Korean company decided to offer to several online publications invitations to an event that will take place on November 5. Given that exotic areas are in trend lately, Abu Dhabi for Nokia World 2013 is the most recent example, the Nexus 5 will be published in Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital. Although the phone from the picture integrates abundant KitKat wafers, it is likely that the people at Google to announce details of the new Android 4.4 in a separate event in California.

nexus-5-tel-aviv 2

An official of Ronlight Digital, major retailer of LG products in Israel, doesn’t hesitate to talk about the event in question and state that will cover the new Android Kitkat equally, not just the new South Korean company phone. In other words, this time there was no dilemma on the Nexus 5 subject. It only remains to see if the Mountain View giant will rush to impress us with its keynote built around the significant Android update.

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