The Case Logic DCB-304 is fantastic low cost camera bag for the Nikon D3300.  We’re going to divide this review up into three sections, design, protection, functionality, and then we’ll finish up with the final verdict.

case logic dcb-304 for nikon d3300
The DCB-304 camera bag isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing camera bag and it certainly isn’t the most premium since it comes in at under $15 on Amazon; However, it certainly does pay a lot of attention to detail as the stitching and all pockets are incredibly precise.  The DCB-304 is made of a tough yet protective material that is smooth to the touch and flexy at the same time.  The DCB-304 is designed to be compact so it should fit a DSLR like the Nikon D3300 and then some other small accessories like spare batteries, sd card, and more.
top camera bags for nikon d3300


Because this bag is so small, compact, and light it won’t provide a ton of protection for your Nikon D3300; However, it will certainly prevent it from getting scuffed up or breaking if dropped from low heights.  The bag itself is very well padded and in the event that an accident does happen it should be able to protect the Nikon D3300.

best nikon d3300 camera bag

The actual camera bag itself comes included with a bunch of different pockets to store your sd cards, spare batteries, and more.  It doesn’t have much of any space for any other lenses though.  The DCB-304 Camera Bag does come with a free shoulder strap, so you’re really getting a lot for your money.
Nikon D3300 camera bag
Final Verdict

Like I’ve mentioned previously, the Case Logic DCB-304 is a perfect camera bag for the Nikon D3300 or any other DSLR.  At a price under $15 and free shipping, you really can’t go wrong.

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