Nexus 7 2013 Sucks

Today I’ll be sharing what I don’t like about the New Nexus 7.  Before we get started I do wanna say the Nexus 7 is a great tablet that I definitely enjoy using.  I’ll be doing another video about what I like about the Nexus 7 in the near future, so stay tuned for that.


The first thing I don’t like about the Nexus 7 is pretty obvious, it’s the enormous chin and forehead.  The first time I saw a full working model of the Nexus 7 was at Best Buy, and I have to be honest, it did not look pretty next to the beautiful iPad Mini or even the new Galaxy Tabs.  The average consumer would walk right by the Nexus 7 because it doesn’t have anything at first glance that separates it from the rest of the tablets.  But anyway, the top and bottom bezels on this thing are enormous.  When you first use the Nexus 7 it almost feels disproportionate, it just doesn’t feel right having such large top and bottom bezels.


My second issue is why Asus didn’t just throw the dual speakers on the front of the Nexus 7 if they were going to have so much extra space.  Don’t get me wrong, the speakers sound awesome, but the sound is nowhere as loud as the HTC One’s boom sound.  If you haven’t experienced the HTC One’s front facing speakers then you can’t honestly understand the difference front facing speakers make.



The third thing that really bothers me is that holding the Nexus 7 in landscape makes the OS look very bad.  The apps aren’t spaced out well, and it just doesn’t look like Android was meant to be.  This is actually something that Google didn’t actually let you do when the original Nexus 7 came out.  I feel like Google definitely should’ve definitely polished this up in Android 4.3 especially because this is the succersor to the best selling Android tablet of all time.  To me this is just a sign of laziness.  I really don’t get how Google is marketing the Nexus 7 as a landscape mode tablet when the OS isn’t even optimized for landscape mode.  I could go on about the Nexus logo being read from left to right but let’s just move on.


The final I don’t like about the New Nexus 7 is the power button and volume rockers.  They’re very tactile and easy to press but they just feel a bit cheap and are kind’ve shaky if you know what I mean.  You can actually move them back and forth which makes changing the volume with one hand a bit of a hassle.  This is one of those things that isn’t really a huge issue but something that could’ve made this device feel a little bit more premium.


Once again I didn’t make this video because I hate the Nexus 7, I did it to give you all some true honest thoughts and analysis about what Asus and Google could’ve done to give us a better user experience.

2 thoughts on “Why The Nexus 7 2013 Sucks!

  1. hey u looks a real nexus fan-boy to me :)…whatever nexus project has done deserves tons of appreciation only… we are heading to the world where no apple sucker can restrict users from using whatever operating system he she or it want…. respect for nexus man… which comes with open boot-loader u may install linux or any other os you want… android is under development so we have to wait some time for better security privacy and eye candy effects…nexus beats any apple or proprietary devices by 4 times… have a look on in-depth spec.. only software s are apples unique selling point with that also android giving tough hand now i appreciate any criticism which is needed for further improvement. so no bad feeling of ur video or post being an android or open source softwares promoter..and a tight slap to apple i am using android on ipad bought from scrap. thank u apple for such a lovely crap :P.


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