Google Now will become more intelligent through and update available for now only to Nexus 5 owners.


Google Now assistant will have the capability to respond to several voice commands from the user. It can also look into application and start them, displaying more information in Google Now Menu, information based on user location.

Capabilities in this Google Now update do not stop here. That in turn could ask questions when you have more options, for example, when you have more than one “Andie” in the list and does not know exactly which ones to call or to ask you if you want to call or send them a text message, is a very interesting option. The ability to search for restaurants and making reservations can also prove very useful if you are driving.

Google Now cards will hold more detailed information. For example, for a museum or other tourist attraction might display the hours of operation and ticket prices, all in a simple and elegant interface.

Many of these search functions are unfortunately only available on Nexus 5 and, what is worse for Google’s advertising, these features were not available at its launch. Most likely, they will get on the phone tomorrow, November 13. If all Nexus 5 phones will receive the Google Now update in time, there will surely appear testing info about this.

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