The Nexus 5 has not been formally introduced by Google, but the model seem to have already available ‚Äč‚Äčaccessories. Unlike the action of Spigen SGP can not explain that the Nexus 5 have announced a new case for this smartphone with the phrase “Where will you be when the revolution begins?”. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of smartphone cases does not reveal as to when the Nexus 5 is available or other details about it.

nexus 5 spigen sgp case

But that’s basically a good sign, because accessories are usually very rare especially with new devices.

In addition to the increased availability it will be possible to buy for the Nexus 5 matching cases. The equipment manufacturer provides with the case shown there is probably also the color combination with a black and gold frame. At least the cover looks very nice in our eyes.

The prices for a Spigen Google Nexus 5 case starts from $9.99 for the simple black one that doesn’t slip and goes to $17.99 for the Air Cushioned Protective Case with Dual Layer having a Champagne Gold color like in the picture below and can already be found on Amazon.

nexus 5 spigen cases

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