Apple boasts that it has reached new heights in terms of performance and miniaturization of the new Retina MacBook Pro  systems.


At the same time the miniaturization of components indicate that their repair cannot be made ​​by humans but robots, making the situation a very costly process. The 15″ model has a similar configuration to that of 2012 but with minor significant differences. Headphone connector is now integrated on the motherboard, and as it is used enough, its repair could be possible only by changing the PCB. Like last year’s model, the battery cannot change, being attached to the chassis of the laptop with a lot of glue. SSD is connected to the motherboard via PCI Express and not mSATA, offering reading and writing speeds.

The processor and graphics chip are the same and their replacement in case of failure is impossible. Even the 802.11 NIC is included in the PCB motherboard. And for the 13-inch model the situation is similar, even the display is very securely attached to its outer casing that its posting might be possible just in pieces. RAM is built near the processor, on the motherboard and an upgrade is hardly possible. So you must be very careful when you decide to acquire this MacBook Pro because you could stay with the same configuration until upgrading to a better one.

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