In this article I’ll be doing a water test with the all new Moto 360.  Now Motorola claims that this device is IP67 certified, and what that means is the 6 stands for completely dust proof and the 7 means its protected from water immersion between 15cm and 1 meter.  In this video we’ll be putting this certification to the test, because many are wondering whether or not it’s safe to wear the Moto 360 in the shower, in the bath, or in the pool.  Anyway, be sure to share this article if you enjoy it!

Moto 360 water resistance

Starting off, we’ll go ahead and rinse the 360 off in some water, and for a little bit after this here the 360 started glitching up pretty bad.  But several minutes later once I put it on the charger it was working fine.  Next I decided to up the ante with full water immersion despite the glitches I initially encountered.


Looking back I think the issue I had was holding down the button on the side of the Moto 360 while water was coming out of the faucet onto that side of the device, but I’m not completely sure.


Once the Motorola 360 was fully engulfed in the water it didn’t seem to have any issues after taking it out.  However you won’t be able to use it while submerged in water because the touch screen won’t work.  If you look closely on the screen I did put my HTC One on the side with a timer so you can verify the length of the immersion.

Moto 360 water test

At the beginning I periodically checked the Moto 360 to make sure it wasn’t dead every several minutes or so and then later every seven or eight minutes.


As you can see in the waterproof test the 360 does reach the thirty minute mark and at that point point I decided there’s no point in going any further because who plans on being underwater for over thirty minutes?  But what I decided to do next was pretty interesting.  I pushed one notification to my phone to see how it would react.  As you can see I did get a couple notifications throughout those thirty minutes but the 360 didn’t vibrate or light up.

Moto 360 Water Test

A day later the 360 is still working fine.  It charges up normal, I haven’t seen any significant battery life changes, and it’s run smoothly.  One thing I still find a bit annoying is that the leather straps feel a bit dried up but other than that everything is still running good.


So is the Moto 360 waterproof?  I would go with somewhere in the middle.  If you don’t mind the straps getting a bit deformed then go ahead and use it in the shower or the pool.  I wouldn’t recommend doing so, but this IP67 certification is surely a nice feature if you accidentally run into the ocean with your smart watch on.

Moto 360 Water Test2
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this article, if you did be sure to share it with your friends, leave a comment, and subscribe to the YouTube channel because it takes some guts to do this stuff.

2 thoughts on “Moto 360 Water Test – Is It Waterproof?

  1. I’m on my 3rd 360 due to water issues. IP67 should indeed provide protection against full immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, however my first 360 experienced continual false touches when immersed in the hot tub for 2 minutes at a depth no more than 18 inches. I took it out, dried it off, and check it about half hour later. It was very hot, and the screen never turned back on. My second 360 showed no side affects during immersion, but the battery drained within 5 minutes. After the bag-o-rice treatment, it worked OK but battery life dropped from about 30+ hours down to 6-8. I plan to do everything I can to keep #3 out of the water…

  2. Have had zero issues with the water. It’s been raining terribly out here and my watch has been fine in this pouring rain. I’d never shower with it or be in a pool or near a beach anyhow, so other than rain and the occasional washing of the hands, I have no real fear of getting my 360 too soaked for too long.

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