Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Overview

When the original Microsoft Surface RT was released last year it received a lot of media interest due to it’s interesting design, and some of the innovative features that went into the design of the system. However, the original Surface was limited due to the Windows RT 8 operating systems, which was essentially a watered down version of Windows 8.

Because of the initial disappointment in the Surface, the release of the Surface Pro went under the radar. This was unfortunate as the Surface Pro was arguably what the Surface should always have been. A slick, powerful, innovative, full featured PC which could be seamlessly used as a tablet or snapped into position to become a laptop. The original Surface Pro received a very positive reception from technology analysts, however it may not have gotten the consumer attention that it possibly deserved.

Microsoft are hoping to change that with the introduction of the Surface Pro 2. The Surface Pro 2 does everything the previous Surface Pro did but refines the design of the tablet somewhat. Let’s take a look at some of the key features which mark the Surface Pro 2 as a very exciting product for Microsoft.

Improved Specifications

The first thing to look at when it comes to any upgraded technology is the technical specifications. For me, this is one area where the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 excels compared to the previous Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 2 carries over the same 1080p display, however Microsoft are claiming that it has improved color accuracy compared to the previous generation.

The CPU has been upgraded to the Haswell generation of Intel mobile processors. While the maximum clock speed of the i5-4200U is the same as the i5-3317U used in the original Surface Pro, Haswell is known for prroviding a dramatically improving the graphics performance of the integrated graphics processor, has a more efficient cache architecture, and is much more power efficient compared to the Ivy Bridge generation of CPUs. In real terms this means that the Surfacr Pro 2 will last longer and perform better. We can’t really ask for more on that front

Microsoft has also made the Surface Pro 2 much more configurable compared to the original Surface Pro. The original Surface Pro gave you the option of either 64 or 128 GB of storage with 4 GB of ram. While the Surface Pro 2 allows you to specify the same 64 or 128 GB storage with 4 GB of ram, you can now also specify a very healthy 256 or 512 GB of storage with 8 GB of ram.

While the starting price of the new Surface Pro 2 is $100 more than the original Surface Pro, the changes Microsoft has made mean that the Surface Pro 2 will be a much more viable laptop alternative than the original model.

Design Innovations

On top of improving the specifications of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has also invested some time in improving the design of the Surface Pro. While the dimensions of the Surface Pro remain the same, and it is still made of the same lovely magnesium alloy material to house the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft have made some other interesting design changes.

The first change we will mention is the improved kickstand hinge. A lot of people made a big deal of the original kickstand Microsoft included in the Surface as it added some functionality to the device, and it was also extremely well built. The new kickstand retains the same great build, but add an extra level of configurability by adding a second level at which he stand can e set. This essentially mean that you can change the viewing angle of the Surface Pro 2, and some analysts have reported this new position as being much more comfortable to use on your lap.

Microsoft has also made some changes to the Touch and Type covers. The Touch Cover which offers a thin cover with an integrated fabric keyboard and the Type Cover which acts as a cover with more traditional buttons are now backlit which is a nice inclusion by Microsoft.


Overall, I am really impressed with the updated Microsoft Surface Pro 2. While the original Surface Pro was limited by the storage specifications, the new specifications make the Surface Pro 2 a viable option for anyone considering replacing their laptop. Of course I would recommend that people get their hands on a physical version of the Surface Pro 2 to see how they like the size of the product and whether they would be comfortable using the touch cover. However, if you are looking for a touch screen laptop that is stylish, powerful, portable and innovative then you would do well to consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

And finally anyone doubting the Surface’s ability to act as a genuine productivity laptop might want to take a look at the video below:

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