Since some elements were introduced with LG G Flex, the revolutionary term is best suited in combination with the device.


For weeks I kept detailed the two smartphones with curved displays, LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round. Although the panel of one is curved along the phone and the panel of the second phone is curved across the device, there are some similarities between them. The most important is the low availability, limited in both cases to South Korea, both the mother country from LG as well as those from Samsung.

In this case it is about the official announcement of the LG G Flex smartphone. It uses a flexible OLED panel along the horizontal curve and therefore has a variable thickness from 7.9 to 9.7 mm. Its weight is 177 grams and the native resolution of the panel of 6 inches is equal to 720p. Although the resolution is not Full HD, in terms of the process certainly has not made ​​any compromises. We see a combination of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor clocked at 2.26 GHz and 2GB RAM. The main camera is 13 megapixels and at the chapter autonomy should not have any problems since the 3500 mAh battery is above average.


In principle, the Galaxy Round was first announced. Even so, however, the people at LG are quick to classify their own creation as being the first real curved smartphone from the world. The statement is based on an enhanced ergonomics, an extra comfort during phone calls, an immersive experience during video watching and not least the ability to display bright and natural images due to the configuration of Real RGB pixels. Although it doesn’t come with impressive software components built around the bend, through “swing lock screen” we can have part of an animated background image when we shake the phone on a surface and try to unlock it. In addition, a pinch gesture with two fingers on the lock screen will open some multimedia applications.

The surreal part of the release consists of a film applied to the rear of the unit that manages in a few minutes to remedy any scratch. South Koreans compare that experience with what the X-Men Wolverine lives. Such a function must be tested in the real world, however, it can easily sound good in theory without being very effective in practice.

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