In this article we’ll be taking a look at the Urban Armor Gear Case for the LG G4.  Included with the case is a screen protector and some cleaning supplies.


LG G4 Urban Armor Gear Case
Installation is very easy because all the buttons are on the back so we don’t have to worry about getting volume rockers stuck or anything like that.  What’s also nice is that it isn’t impossible to get this thing off either.


When it comes to color options and where to buy the case from, the UAG Case currently comes in only two colors, ash and ice for $34.95 with free two day shipping on Amazon.  I would expect some more color options to become available in the future.




The case has a solid hard plastic main piece and then a shock absorbent material going around the edges of the display and also camera.  You can see the corners of the case do protrude just slightly which should help if you do happen to drop your phone on the corner or on its side.


The main plastic material also doesn’t seem to collect fingerprints or smudges like a lot of cheaper options out on the market.


The feel of the UAG Case is definitely much better than just using the G4 by itself.  The G4 is super slippery while the case definitely adds a good amount of grip without making the phone too bulky or heavy.


LG G4 Urban Armor Gear Case2


Even though it may seem like the headphone jack may not work with larger jacks like those of the ATH M50s, it actually does work just fine which is always nice.  And of course there’s also plenty of space for your micro usb port.


Moving over to the rear I actually found that having the Urban Armor Gear case made it a bit easier getting to the volume rockers and power button simply because they’re more accentuated and don’t blend into the back of the phone like it would without a case.  The camera also works as usual and I didn’t notice any issues with the flash being clouded while taking pictures or anything like that.



Anyway, for 35 bucks the Urban Armor Gear Case is expensive, even when considering that it does comes with a screen protector.  But it also is probably one of the most protective cases you can get that doesn’t add so much bulk that it turns into an otterbox defender.  I would definitely recommend the Urban Armor Gear case to any LG G4 owner that wants a slim and unique, yet protective case that will enhance the lifetime of the G4.

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