The LG G4 sports a sweet camera, slightly curved new design, and an awesome 2k display.


Before we get into this article I’d like to know what kind of content you all are interested in.  Comparisons with the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, or other phones?  Make sure you’re specific and comment down below.  Anyway, let’s get into it.


Starting things off with pricing and availability the LG G4 will cost you $199 with a two year contract for a 32GB device which is the same as just about every other high end phone on the market like the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 and it’s available from all of the four major us carriers.


As far as color options go, the G4 can be bought with a leather or plastic back.  Plastic color options include ceramic white, titanium gray, and gold.  The leather options vary from a dark maroon to a nice tan.

 LG G4 Review


Getting into the unboxing, the LG G4 can be found on top, and underneath is the 3000mAh removable battery which does support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, however the charging port and cable on the other hand is only 1.8 amps compared to the standard 2.1 found with the Galaxy S6 but it’s still plenty fast for charging.


The first thing I noticed upon picking up the G4 was that, physically, it doesn’t feel like a $700 phone.  Its plastic back and metallic shiny edges are okay, but they aren’t what I was expecting.  For me a case is absolutely neccessary with this phone because it’s incredibly slippery and at least for me, a drop waiting to happen.  However the build of the device isn’t all negative, I’m a huge fan of the rear facing buttons as LG has certainly made improvements.

 LG G4


But even though the buttons are improved, the speaker isn’t.  It’s moderately loud and inconveniently placed on the back, an ideal place to be covered up.


Moving over to the front of the G4 we have that beautiful 5.5 inch quad hd 2560×1440 display which looks pretty awesome.  Stacked up next to 1080p displays like the Moto X or HTC One (M8) I wasn’t able to notice a huge difference when scrolling through app drawers and whatnot, but once I pulled up some 4k video on YouTube the difference was incredible.  Of course the camera I’m using here doesn’t do this phone justice, but anyone coming from a 1080p display will be very impressed.


The only thing I wish LG would have changed with the display is the bezels.  I feel like LG definitely could’ve given us a little bit more screen real estate and in the process made the phone look a bit sharper, but it’s not that big of a deal.



Performance wise the LG G4 performs right up there with the M9 and GS6 as it packs a Snapdragon 808 hexa core processor clocked in at 1.8GHz.  That combined with 3GB of ram makes multi tasking through dozens of apps at time a breeze.  Unlike most other devices I’ve tested there’s been very few hiccups or stutters.  As far as gaming goes it’s safe to say the G4 powers through everything I’ve thrown at it, but if anyone wants a more in depth video going over benchmarks and how the G4 stacks up compared to the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, or S6 Edge, be sure to let me know by leaving a comment down below.


Software is an area that relies mostly on personal preference so don’t take too much of what I’m about to say as fact.  I feel that LG almost always seems to try too hard in its software.  For example, to me, the icons and wallpapers don’t seem to go well at all with the look Google’s moving towards.  When compared to stock Android on the Nexus 5 I do cringe a bit at how LG has butchered the whole layout.  For example, the box icons just don’t look good next to the stock google icons like play store or any others like reddit or soundcloud.  While this probably won’t bother most, it does kinda annoy me.



However, the great thing about Android is that the software can be completely customized by the user so if anyone does end up purchasing the G4 be sure to check out my video that goes over improving the visual looks of the software and essentially making it a nexus.


LG G4 Review 2


Anyway, there are some things LG added that are pretty cool.  For example, smart actions automatically turns on wifi as soon as I get home, and it also toggles it off when I leave home.  Another awesome feature is Smart cleaning which is great for people that don’t know how or just don’t have the time to go through and unclutter their device of unwanted files.  Smart cleaning can be set up to remind you to clean up your device every week, month, or not at all, so that’s pretty sweet.


LG G4 Review 3

Moving on to the battery life, like I mentioned earlier the G4 has a 3,000mAh battery but this time around the latest G device is much more energy efficient.  Considering the display has 2k resolution and is 5.5 inches I’ve been very impressed with battery life.  A typical example of battery life would be today I unlocked my phone at 5:30 in the morning at 100%.  It’s now 8:00 pm and I have 20% left with 3 hours and 13 minutes of screen on time.  Throughout this day the majority of the screen on time was spent watching video and I also streamed a lot of music while the device was locked.  So it’s definitely safe to say battery life shouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority of people, but hey even if it is you can just purchase a couple extra replacement batteries.


As far as the camera goes, the G4 really takes some great shots.  I’m not camera pro, but I can definitely say the G4 takes much better pics than my old Moto X and just barely edges out the Samsung Galaxy S6.  Pictures are extremely sharp and not too saturated or overexposed like on the S6.

LG G4 Review 4


The rear facing camera isn’t something I ever really use but it’s nice to see LG being innovative.  Gesture shutter allows the user to hold up a fist which triggers a timer and take four selfies in a row by open and closing your first twice in a row.  While I probably won’t ever use this feature, it’s still something work mentioning.


For only $199 the LG G4 is one of the best devices on the market.  It has fantastic battery life, stellar camera, and killer specs.  Is it worth it?  I would say it’s a definite yes.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this unboxing and review, if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.  Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all next time.

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