The new iOS 7 is definitely something new and fresh, but many are new to it and my find it confusing.  So here and here are some  iPhone 5S tips and tricks that you may find useful!


1 – Timestamp – When you have a text conversation open you can swipe to the left and see the time at which each text was sent and received.

2 – Blacklist – You can go into the phone section in the settings and add people who you don’t want calling you by pressing the blocked section. The same is done for the text messaging app.

3 – Custom Vibration – You can go into the text tone or the call tone and set custom vibrations to make sure you are always alerted of an update.

4 – Private Browsing – When you open up the tab sections in safari, in the bottom right corner you will see a button named Private. By pressing it you will enable private browsing.

5 – Spotlight – Go to General -> Spotlight search to see your spotlight settings. You can adjust the hierarchy of the search results as well as disable some such as messages.

Those are some really useful tips that I found myself using!

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