Even though sales of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are good at the moment according to figures released yesterday by the company, Apple launch didn’t went very smoothly because it was overshadowed by issues such as reception which is not always favorable on the new iOS 7, some stability issues and, more recently, the iPhone 5S models with defective batteries.


Apple released an official statement yesterday evening that recognizes that some copies of the iPhone 5S use damaged batteries, symptoms are self-limited battery and low load period. About the issue of autonomy there were also some statements of users using the new iOS 7 on multiple Apple phone models, but this is strictly a hardware problem and only affects the iPhone 5S model.

The manufacturer did not describe the nature of the problem, and the number of affected users, saying only that the number of incidents is small. According to the New York Times, it’s about thousands of pieces, which is really a small percentage of the total number of devices that were sold in 9 million copies in the first weekend after its launch.

Users who have problems may require free replacement of the device. Apple says it will contact affected users, which makes us believe that it is a lot of problems that can be found after the serial numbers, but did not disclose how it will proceed for service calling.

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