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When Apple released the iPhone 5C and 5S, everyone began to question the reasoning behind the iPhone 5C:

“Is the iPhone 5C worth it?  Should I buy the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C?”


Whether you want the phone for $99 or $549, what is it that makes the 5C appealing over the 5S? There is one main feature for upgrading to the 5C, the price. While it’s only $100 less than the 5S, $100 is $100 and most people don’t want to spend more than they need to.

But is the iPhone 5C even worth it? Yes, every app on the app store was specifically designed for the iPhone 5C and all applications will run flawlessly without lag or stutter. The 5C is also the first iPhone to offer a new design after one year, a feature many consumers took a liking to.  What’s also great is that you can also customize the color of the phone to your liking, something many iPhone 5S users probably wish they could do.

However it’s all up to you, if you have an older iPhone or Android device, the 5C will be a very solid upgrade. If you already have an iPhone 5, the 5C probably isn’t your best bet unless you NEED the colorful backing.

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