The on-going problem with just about every smartphone is battery life. While Apple does a great job at increasing battery on the iPhone 5c – sometimes you need to get a bit extra juice out of your device. Take a look at these tips on how to increase battery life on the iPhone 5C.

Disable Lockscreen Notifications

  • Disabling the lockscreen notifications on certain applications will keep the display from turning one. You will still be notified of all your messages, though your screen will not light up when those messages come through. Settings > Notification Center

Disable Location Services

  • Disabling the location services will keep the GPS off until you turn it back on. This means statuses and photos will not have a geo-location attached to them. Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Disable Background App Refresh

  • iOS 7 adds a feature called “App Refresh” which updated your apps in the background, this feature is nice, but wastes a ton of battery. Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Disable Motion

  • Disabling motion will restrict some of the fancy animations and parallax features within iOS 7. Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion 

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