The Urban Armor Gear Case for the iPad Air is a rugged high end case for those that want their iPad Air to not only look good, but also stay super protected.  The case in general just looks fantastic.  The inside is made of a tough material with ridges and other military grade material that will definitely absorb impact if you drop your iPad Air.  In addition, the inside flap is made of a soft to the touch cloth finish that definitely won’t scratch up the iPad Air’s screen.


One of my favorite features is the auto wake and sleep, it’s one of those features you don’t realize how much you rely on.  Unfortunately the flap that activates the iPad Air to lock and unlock isn’t magnetic.  If the cover was magnetic it would definitely be my number one case choice.  Unlike many other rugged iPad Air cases, the Urban Armor Gear Case for iPad Air is actually easy to get the iPad Air in and out of.  This is due to the silicone outside that goes around the edgings of the case.


iPad Air UAG Case


To put it as simply as possible, this case just looks awesome.  It has the whole military grade, premium, high end feel to it that not only performs great in real world situations, but it’s extremely appealing to the eye as well.  To add on to all of this, the Urban Armor Gear iPad Air Case actually has folio functionality which means it has a built in stand to watch movies and do other entertainment type things.  It’s super easy to set up and is also surprisingly sturdy as well.



The last thing we’re going to go over is that the Urban Armor Gear Case for iPad Air does give full and complete access to all ports.  This means you won’t have any problems using the speakers, lightning connector, or headphone jack.  Overall, the Urban Armor Gear Case for iPad Air really is one of the best iPad Air Cases.  If you’re interested in checking out this nice case then you can find it from the links below.


Buy In USA – iPad Air UAG Case

Buy In UK – iPad Air UAG Case

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