The M8 is the successor to HTC’s previous flagship, the M7.  Straight off the bat you can see the premium aluminum unibody and the slightly slightly larger 5 inch display which towers over smaller devices like the iPhone 5S.


Despite the phone’s larger size and being constructed of 90% aluminum, it’s surprisingly light, weighing in at only 160  grams.  Like the previous gen it has a non removable battery but this time it has a micro sd card and can be picked up in 16 and 32GB variants.  One thing that’s cool is that the new One supports micro SD cards up to 128GBs.  You can actually pick one of these up from SanDisk.  It isn’t available directly from SanDisk on Amazon at the time of this recording, but that’s just because it keeps on getting sold out as soon as it gets back into stock.  So be sure to check the link here for the most up to date pricing.

HTC One (M8) Review

The M8 is one of the fastest phones we’ve ever seen, it’s powered by Quallcomm’s latest Snapdragon 801 processor at an ultra fast 2.3 GHz.  Included with the M8 is 2GBs of ram which means the M8 has no problem flipping back and forth between multiple applications.


On the right side of the handset you’ll find the volume rockers and sim card slot, towards the bottom is the micro usb port, and up at the top you’ll find the ir blaster along with the power button, and lastly on the left will find the lone micro sd card slot on the left.

HTC One (M8) Review

One thing I’ve really enjoyed on the new HTC One is the fantastic speakers.  Audio is ultra crisp and ultra loud since the speakers are actually on the front of the device rather than on the back.  I’ve also found myself using blinkfeed more than ever before thanks to it being one swipe to the left.  However, one thing that is missing is more integration with Google Now.  Coming from a Nexus 5 and Moto X, it was tough losing the Okay Google features and the swiping to the left to reach Google Now.


One new change between the first gen and HTC One and the new is that it now features a 90% aluminum unibody design.  If you’ve ever used the original M7, you might remember the previous version had a polycarbonate ring going around it.  The M8 has ditched that ring and has nearly the whole device covered with aluminum.  On one hand this is awesome because it makes the phone feel more premium than ever, but on the other hand it means it’s a bit more slippery and more drop prone.

HTC One (M8) Review

The HTC One M8 is currently on Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat and runs the latest version of Sense 6.0.  It brings some cool new features like Motion Launch which lets you use gestures to unlock your phone.  For example, double tapping will just unlock it, swiping down will go to the dialer app, and etc.  Another pretty cool feature that I’ve enjoyed experimenting with is the FitBit app that comes pre installed.  It has these so called “smart sensors” that allow the One to track steps exactly the same way your FitBit does.

The M8 rocks a deceptively small 2,600mAh battery.  While 2,600mAh might not sound like a lot, it easily powers through a full fourteen hours of heavy usage and a good several hours of on screen time.  HTC has also added a cool new power saving feature that you can turn on if you’re ever in serious need of a battery boost.

HTC One (M8) Review

The screen on the M8 is absolutely fantastic.  I’m a fan of large displays but the screen on the One honestly blows me.  Colors are vibrant, crisp, and not oversaturated thanks to the 440 pixels per inch and 1080p resolution.


While the rear facing camera quality on the M8 isn’t a major improvement over the M7, the software is.  HTC has added a really intuitive software experience that’s the best I’ve ever used.  The new ufocus feature and 3d effect are thanks to the duo camera, which many call gimmicky, but I’ve actually been using it.  The front facing camera is also great, it’s 5megapixels, which is quite unheard of, especially as a front shooter.  Pictures came out real clean and solid.

HTC One (M8) Review

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