Samsung announced the Android 4.3 software update for all Galaxy S3 devices during this week, but now withdraw it quickly.


Samsung has finally announced the update to Android 4.3, an update which should come much faster for Galaxy S3, but after several users have reported problems with it was immediately withdrawn.

In this context it seems that the update for the Galaxy Note 2 to the same version of Android 4.3 may still have delays.

Galaxy S3 problems were related to the unlock screen of the phone, which no longer worked at all, and the phone must be reset completely. There was a problem with WiFi connection, which can be resolved to the same needed procedure, and a significant decrease in autonomy.

The update arrived fairly quickly for some operators in the UK, not only to devices acquired at leisure. Most likely, they have been removed in time and released a functional patch for the installed old firmware.

Updates come increasingly difficult for top models. If a few years ago we were worried about a low-end mainstream smartphone to remain at the same version of the software now those who buy top smartphones can expect these updates for a long time.

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