Even if the amount of data collected in a passive way would strive the envy of any advertising company, Google wants to get even more details about how its products are used persuading mobile users to quit spying in exchange for rewards.


Confirmed by Google as part of a project called Screenwise market research, new applications with Mobile Meter replace older monitoring method that provided voluntary participation of users, enabling measurement of all content on Google platforms with more precise results on the mobile.

An example of passive monitoring can be the Maps app, known to retain and submit statistical data that improve Google services. Mobile Meter applications are going further with things by sending an extensive set of parameters that allow a detailed study of the use of applications and user preferences.

Unfortunately without more detail from Google, the list of applications to Mobile Meter and parameters to be monitored cannot be known. We can only hope that company officials have learned from past mistakes, showing in the most transparent way this service where users participate voluntarily uses the collected data. In particular should be avoided the cases where gain information arrive publicly, adversely affect privacy for those enrolled in the program.

Google representatives stated that currently there are no sent requests for participants of the new Mobile Meter program and cash compensation varies based on the scope of participation choice.

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