Galaxy S4 Poetic Revolution Case Review

Here I’ll be reviewing the Poetic Revolution Case for the Galaxy S4.  This is a rugged multi-purpose three piece case that pretty much does it all.  Unfortunately it’s only available in one color so that’s definitey a negative.  The price tends to vary from poetic cases so I’ll the lowest price I can find down in the description right next to the like button.

Moving on to the actual product we can see, like I said earlier, that this is a three piece case.  One rubber piece, a belt clip, and a shell.  We’ll start putting on the case by snapping on the hardshell, then the rubber silicone layer, and finally the belt clip.  I’ve found that the volume rockers and power button aren’t near as responsive as they were without the case, but they still work okay.  The same goes with the screen, it still works but it feels exactly the way it is.  Fact is, your using a 1080p screen with a piece of plastic over it.  Not the best user experience but it will protect the phone.


A great benefit to this case is definitely the belt clip.  It works as a clip and also a stand.  I’ll demonstrate how to set it up here, now here’s a video clip from the stand function.  Overall it’s a great protective case with tons of features.  If you’re interested in checking out more on pricing and availability then be sure to check the link in the description as well as like and subscribe.



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