If the people at Apple still refuse to honor us with a revolutionary TV of the company, independent designers create concepts as a curved Apple TV.


In the above illustration can be seen in detail the first Apple TV or iTV in a plausible format. Built around the design elements reminiscent of the last iMac, but with a curved panel, this Smart TV is likely to materialize in the next year if the rumors are confirmed. More and more online publications gathered rumors of an Apple-branded HDTV. There were not officially disclosed any information in this direction, but CEO Tim Cook revealed that in 2014 the company he leads will enter into a new product category.

We expect Apple to launch a new version of the Apple TV with an A7 processor in 2014, and we forecast 2014 shipments to total 8.2mn units. Shipment growth will be limited unless Apple is able to integrate more TV content, services and its App Store, in our view. We believe the slowdown in Apple TV shipments suggests Apple faces challenges in integrating TV content and services.


In theory, it is equally likely that the rumors refer to a SmartWatch of the Cupertino giant. Personally, I hope to see a different kind of curved Apple TV that combines elements in a revolutionary design, with better technology hardware and software application from engineers driven by Jonhy Ive. Who knows, maybe in about 12 months you will not only raise money for a new iPhone and iPad, but also for a new Smart TV with an appropriate name, such as curved iTV or Apple TV.

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