Facebook has made a change in the privacy settings pane, excluding one of the options that allow users to maintain anonymity in the network hiding the user profile from the list of search results. With very few exceptions, anyone can now be found on Facebook by calling Graph Search.


Still present in the list of privacy settings for some users, the “Who can look up your timeline by name?” option will disappear altogether in the weeks to come, and with it the ability to hide from prying eyes of employers, or others persons outside the list of interested friends of your profile on Facebook.

If for users who do not use it to remove this setting from the list of options has no noticeable effect, those who had enabled will receive a notification message that indicates the modification made.

Exempted from the list of search results are the users that still have not reached the age of majority and those who are already in the ignore list of users of the one who initiates the search. Fortunately the mere presence in the list of results does not guarantee the access to the information contained therein, except for public posts that were still visible to anyone.

fb-privacy 2

To further limit the content access, users can use the “Review all the posts and things you’re tagged” in the “Privacy Settings” from the “Settings” of your account, changing the status of public posts with alternative choices.

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