We all know that Facebook developers are pretty lazy when it comes to dedicated applications, but this release took long even by their standards. Finally, just hours before the release of Windows 8.1, Facebook has an application for the Modern UI.


With a size of 11 MB, the new Facebook app has an interface similar to the version for the iPad, featuring a 3-panel screen that provides access to the various sections of the site to Timeline and friends list. Even if the screen space is not even used optimally because the application uses the same layout but rather wasteful airy seen in iOS version, this is a step up from the lazy browser use on a tablet.

The application supports multitasking, so you will not have problems to receive updates in the background, and integrates with Snap View to work in parallel with another program to give the impression that works. The application does not offer access to settings, Account Settings and Privacy Settings redirecting the user to the Facebook website.

The new Facebook for Modern UI necessarily requires Windows 8.1, but as upgrading from Windows 8 is free, the only thing that separates you from installing them is the official launch of the new version, which will take place this evening.

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