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Setting up multiple monitors onto your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or even iMac is very simple and easy.  All you need to do is follow the in depth video tutorial above and step by step directions below.

 Download The Star Tech Drivers –

Link here!


Equipment You’ll Need!

MacBook Pro 2013 Retina –

MacBook Pro Retina



UK –



MacBook Air –

macbook air multiple monitors


UK –






Asus 27″ 4K Monitor –
connect 4k monitor to macbook pro



UK –




AOC 23″ 1080P Monitor –

AOC 23" Monitor

UK –




StarTech USB 3.0 to HDMI & DVI-

StarTech USB 3.0 to HDMI & DVI

(Make Sure You Get HDMI & DVI)


UK –
Apple Thunderbolt to VGA Adapter –



Apple Thunderbolt to VGA Adapter

UK –





VGA to VGA Cable –

VGA to VGA Cable


(Get Two Of These)


UK –



Logitech K750 Keyboard –

Logitech K750 Keyboard

UK –




Apple Magic Mouse –

magic mouse for macbook air


UK –

28 thoughts on “Connect Multiple Monitors To MacBook Pro

  1. Hi, I plan on doing this same setup, except my Macbook Pro is mid-2010 so it doesn’t have USB 3.0, making the StarTech you recommended unusable. Is there an adaptor you can recommend for USB 2.0?

  2. Hi – Thank you for detailed instructions and links. I am planning to connect my macbook pro (2013, retina display) to dual monitors and was wondering if the video card will support rotation one of the monitors to a portrait orientation.

  3. Got two questions. I am trying to hook up my MacBook Pro to one monitor. Do I still need the StarTech device to hook up only one monitor? What is the purpose of the StarTech device?

    • You will not need the StarTech device to hook up only one monitor to your MacBook. You will only need the correct cable (VGA or DVI) that connects to your monitor and the matching adapter (miniDisplay to VGA or miniDisplay to DVI) for your Mac.
      The StarTech device is meant to allow more than one monitor to hook up to a MacBook Pro.

      • Thanks for responding to this question for me. Also, I’ll be doing another tutorial to show my updated setup with HDMI.

  4. Hey loved the video… Just wondering if i would be able to do the same process with my 2012 macbook air? Any additional materials needed?

  5. This would be a great video except that the product to which you link for the StarTech device is only compatible with Windows and not compatible with OS X.

  6. Will this setup work on a mid-2012 non-retina 13” macbook pro? I’m looking to maximum work efficiency and two external monitors would be a big plus.

  7. Help I was able to set everything up and it was working perfectly. Now I am unable to move form screen to screen. All of the screens come up and when i move an item to a screen i can not get my curser out of that screen so i am stuck any suggestions?

  8. I clicked on the Amazon link you posted, for the Startech on Amazon, bought the product, but it appears to be only Windows compatible. Is there another model that is compatible with Mac? Thanks.

  9. The startech device you picked has 2 outputs. Is it possible to use those two, and have just one cable coming out of the macbook, rather than the 2 that you have in your setup?

  10. Curious, why did you opt for using VGA instead of HDMI? I see your monitors support HDMI… You could have used a thunderbolt to HDMI for the primary, and it looks like the Startech you chose has an HDMI as well, so that could have been used as the secondary going over USB?

  11. I have a mid 2011 13 inch – I can’t tell if I should use the USB 3.0
    (even though it is backwards compatible with 2.0) or just get a 2.0

  12. I just posted a comment to your YouTube channel, then spotted your comment about being able to reply sorry!
    thanks for your video it was very helpful!
    I’ve set-up my macbook pro (late 2011) to 1 AOC monitor (12367Fh), though it’s missing either side of the display – on the left I can only see from the ‘e’ in Chrome, and I’m missing the first row of icons on the right.
    I’ve changed the display scale from 1920×1080 to 1600×900, I can now see the full display but the quality isn’t as sharp. Do you know if there is there another way round this so I can see the full display and keep the quality?
    PS I’m not very tech minded – so please keep any replies simple. Thanks!

  13. How would this setup work with 3 external monitors in addition to the MacBook? Would the star tech adaptor be able to connect to the 3rd monitor using the extra hdmi port that is free?

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