iPhone 5S Caudabe Case


The Caudabe Veil case for iPhone 5S is a great thin case for any iPhone owner.  Our first impressions was that this is one of the thinnest cases we’ve ever used.  The Veil for iPhone 5S gives access to all of your ports which includes your thunderbolt port, headphone jack, and volume rockers.  Unfortunately there’s no lay on table design, but that isn’t much of an issue because the thin profile and lay on table design is definitely a trade off.


iPhone 5S Caudabe Thin Case


You can purchase the Caudabe Veil in a wisp smoke color or also smoke.  One of my favorite parts about it is that you can see the Apple logo and beautiful look of the iPhone 5S through the back of it.  The case doesn’t only look great, but it also feels nice in the hand.  Unlike many other thin accessories, this is actually quite grippy and you won’t find yourself dropping it very often.

iPhone 5S Caudabe Veil

Overall, the Caudabe Veil for iPhone 5S is a fantastic value and great for anyone in the market for a good looking thin case that also looks great.  Be sure to watch our video review below and also the links to where you can purchase the product.


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