The Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling is a pretty darn impressive bag for the Nikon D3300 and other Canon DSLRS.  For this review we’re going to divide it up into three different categories, design, protection, functionality, and then we’ll finish up with the final verdict.

I’ll be honest, standard camera bags like the DCB-304 aren’t very aesthetically pleasing, but the Case Logic SLRC-205 bag looks killer.  The way the whole sling is crafted just looks quite professional, and shows a great amount of attention to detail.  I’m actually a huge fan of the over the shoulder design becsause it doesn’t put much stress on your back.  For those that have gone out on long filming sessions, you know the importance of a nice, ergonomic DSLR backpack.

Protection shouldn’t be any issue with the SLRC-205 Camera sling, and this is because of the multitude of straps embedded into it.  The actual sling that goes over the shoulder has a protective strap and another that can go around your waist.  So this is a perfect fit for those that go hiking, or just need the extra peace of mind.  Also, the whole back and edges of the bag is padded so it’s more comfortable to carry, but this should also help to lessen the impact if you do happen to drop it.

There’s also plenty of different pockets and little slots to put your accessories like lenses, sd cards, and batteries.  The SLRC-205 is meant to be able to carry around the majority of your lenses unlike the DCB-304 that is a smaller more compact DSLR Bag.  And just to clarify what is included, everything shown in the pictures other than the DSLR is provided free of charge.

For only around $50 you can’t go wrong with this DSLR sling.  It’s perfect for those that want a high quality bag at a low price.

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